My FTP Client – FTP Server Manager

My FTP Client – FTP Server Manager

This is a FTP Client which helps you to access files on remote FTP server. Directly access remote files. Upload and download folders and files.

My FTP Client is the app for Android to communicate with server. Backup from server to SDCard and From SDCard to Server. Application that let you transfer files from local Drive to Remote Server and vice a versa through FTP connection.

This application will allow you to easily interact with an file server from your smartphone or your tablet. You will be able to create folder, rename, delete, move, compress, download and send some files.

– Multiple login with Different profile to FTP Server
– Working as File Manager after connection
– Create New Folder
– Delete File / Folder
– Upload File /Folder from Local drive to Server
– Download File / Folder from Server to Local drive
– Rename File / Folder
– Multiple file and directory transfers
– Compress and decompress zip files
– Move and Copy files & folders to another folder
- Sort Based on Name,Time and size
- Clean and Simple UI
- It’s simple, lightweight, elegant, and easy to use.

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