Pedometer Fitness Tracker – Step Counter

Pedometer Fitness Tracker – Step Counter

Looking for smart step counter app to be your fitness pal? Here is the Pedometer app that help you out to calculate the step counts you walked or run in your daily routine and also help you to manage fitness plan based on the accurate calories burned data.

Pedometer Fitness Tracker is smart fitness tracker app that allow user to track all the walking and running activities that calculate distance travelled and accurate calories burned during the activity. Also showing the detailed data for the daily bases with the hourly step count data on the bar chart along with the yearly, monthly and weekly chart along with statistical information.


– Smart step counter app that automatically count your steps 24/7.
– Calculate the perfect step data even when application in background mode and also when app is closed.
– Working like a fitness tool to calculate calories burned based on the movement activity and measure number of steps, distance travelled.
– Detailed chart to display daily step data with hourly step count for complete 24 hours.
– Check your steps history based on weekly, monthly and yearly in list and also provides graphical representation.
– Easy option to set goal for steps.
– Provide accurate distance travelled and total calories burned during walk activity.
– Use low-battery-drain sensors & smart algorithms to seamlessly pickup your movements.
– Accurate step counter application.
– Useful fitness tool to measure calories and create the fitness plan based on the activities.
– One of the best fitness application to track step data useful for healthy life.

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