Smart Text Editor

Smart Text Editor

Smart Text Editor is simple app to manage text files effectively and is also a simplest text editor tool for daily life for important notes and other useful text documents.


• Quick and easy to use
• Option to create new text file in the application
• Support every types of text files such as .txt, .html, .java, .php, .xml, .css and .json
• Syntax Highlight for HTML, XML, CSS, JAVA, JS, PHP and many other languages.
• Save supported text files to any folders in the file system
• Provide edit mode to make any correction or changes in the file.
• Copy, Paste or Cut the content easily and work like notepad app.
• Open email attachment file in the app.
• One touch option to rename the file.
• Sharing text files with anyone via email, bluetooth or any other file sharing options.
• Support password protection for your text files
• Auto Save file option available that will save the file automatically.
• Custom themes support available.
• Find specific word and also provide option to replace any text.
• History of recently opened documents.
• Multiple character set encoding options.
• Go To Line option available.
• Show Line Numbers.
• Undo and Redo changes easily.
• Free to download


• Notepad Editor
• Advanced Text Editor
• File Manager App for Text Files

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